Hit by a Bus: Writing a Budget That Tells a Story Long After You’re Gone

In many grant offices, the budget of the proposal falls to the grant professional, a thought that leaves many of us squirming in our well-worn chairs! Numbers, unlike words, are not why we chose to do what we do. But that less-than-positive approach misses the mark. After all, if the money is what we’re after, shouldn’t the budget be at the forefront of our thinking?

“Hit by a Bus: Writing a Budget that Tells a Story Long After You’re Gone” will help grant professionals accept the budget as an integral, descriptive part of the grant proposal. It is, in fact, something that will live on long after the grant is funded. It is the go-to document for the fabulous program designed within the proposal narrative. After attending, participants will be able to identify strategies for producing budgets that give readers a clear view of the organization’s great work plan.

This session is recommended for all conference attendees. The program level is overview. There are no specific educational requirements or prerequisites for attendance. Advanced preparation is not required. Attendees can earn up to 2.0 hours of CPE credit in the field of specialized knowledge (nonprofits and government).

Grant Writing