Recordkeeping for Grants-Funded Organizations

Recordkeeping is essential for effective grants management and this burden rests squarely on the grant-funded organization.  Reliable recordkeeping is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Uniform Grants Guidance and individual programs.  Legal compliance and meaningful financial oversight also require sound recordkeeping practices.  This session will discuss how grant-funded organizations can establish and maintain an effective recordkeeping system.  After attending this session, you will be able to list the recordkeeping requirements under the Uniform Grants Guidance and identify the elements of a compliant recordkeeping system.

This session is recommended for all attendees.  The experience level is overview.  No prerequisite for attendance or prior preparation is required.  Attendees can earn up to one (1.0) hour of CPE credit in the field of specialized knowledge (nonprofits and government) for completing this session.