Understanding Construction Contracts for Grant-Funded Entities

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Construction and renovation projects can be complex, but even relatively simple projects can involve complicated and highly technical agreements. Make sure that you understand what those construction contracts mean and how to negotiate the best terms for your organization. This session will discuss the major frameworks for construction contracts, what terms are negotiable, and what pitfalls to avoid. By attending, you will learn how to “build” a better grantee (literally).

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

• List the major models for construction contracts in the United States;
• Describe recent changes to the AIA form contracts;
• Identify contract terms and conditions that are open for negotiation as well as the most frequently made changes to standard construction contracts; and,
• List common mistakes made in construction contracts and during the construction process.

This session is recommended for all attendees. The experience level for this session is overview/update. There are no prerequisites for this session.

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