How to “Shutdown Proof” Your Programs: How Do I Get the Board of Directors to Be FUNdraisers?

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When joining a board of directors, most people do not expect (or even want) to fundraise, but generating the revenue needed to fund the organization’s mission is one of the most important aspects of the board’s role. This session discusses how starting with honest recruitment is key, and how to motivate and inspire board members to share their passion for your mission using a “Menu of FUNdraising Opportunities for Board Members.” The workshop will also explore how to help board members get over the fear of asking and hearing “No.” By attending this session, you will learn how to help your board members become FUNdraiser, which will also help your organization diversify its funding streams and become “shutdown proof.”

This session is recommended for all attendees. The experience level for this session is overview. There are no prerequisites for this session.

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