SGF 5: Procurement Standards under the Uniform Guidance

Virtual - Eastern Daylight Time

Grant-funded organizations routinely need to purchase goods and services in carrying out their projects, but the procurement process under the OMB’s Uniform Grants Guidance is anything but routine. Make sure that your organization understands these complex procurement rules by attending this workshop. The session will explain not only the procurement standards under the Uniform Grants Guidance but also best practices for grant-funded organizations to implement a successful procurement program. This session will also emphasize compliance issues related to procurement and strategies for avoiding common problems.

Participants in this workshop will learn about the following:

• Procurement policies required under the Uniform Grants Guidance
• Prohibited procurement practices
• Permissible methods of procurement under the Uniform Grants Guidance
• Differences between procurement transactions and subawards
• Common issues encountered in procuring goods and services
• Best practices for ensuring compliance with the procurement rules

This session is recommended for all grants management professionals. The experience level for this session is overview. There are no prerequisites for this session. No advance preparation is required.

Note: All session times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Grants Management