Jenny Bigelow

Jenny Bigelow, CFRE, has 21 years’ experience as a development professional. Jenny has been consulting for a variety of nonprofit organizations since 2006 and has raised over $260 million. Clients range from having budgets of less than $1 million to over $60 million and include nonprofit organizations in the following arenas: education, arts, health care, social service, legal services, prison re-entry, and affordable housing. Jenny is an exceptional development manager and strategist, as well as a very strong writer. Private and federal grant writing make up a significant portion of her consulting efforts, and she also supports organizations as a development coach, annual plan and direct mail specialist, and strategy partner. Jenny is an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Orleans, where she teaches a graduate level class in grantwriting. She is a graduate of Tulane University and a member of the board of the New Orleans Association of Fundraising Professionals.

My Sessions

Diversifying Your Funding Partnerships—How to Find “Fit” in Private Grants

Patrons II

This session will review non-public grant sources, including private foundations. This session will focus on finding the right fit with your organization, positioning your organization for success in the approach, and cultivating relationships with potential private funders. The session will also address how to leverage partnerships and other community resources to access grant funds. Attendees […]

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Grant Writing to Private Funders

Patrons II

Writing grant proposals for public money is its own skill-set; a writer must be detail-oriented, follow prescribed instructions carefully, and hit every point that has points on a scoring rubric. Writing for private foundations also requires following instructions, but the content is much less prescribed. Successful private grant applications require the grantwriter to be a […]

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