Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Unrecognized and unresolved conflicts of interest can have negative consequences for grant-funded organizations and those involved in the conflicts. These consequences can range from disallowances or terminations of financial assistance awards to civil penalties and even criminal prosecutions. By attending this session, you will learn how to recognize potential personal, financial, professional, and organizational conflicts of interest and how to avoid them. This session will also address the related areas of nepotism and fraternization. The discussion will draw from real-life examples to illustrate what not to do.

The session is recommended for all attendees. After attending this session, you will be able to recognize potential conflicts of interest and list at least three strategies for avoiding conflicts. There is no prerequisite for attendance, and no advance preparation is required.  The program level is overview. Attendees can earn up to 1.0 hour of CPE credit in the field of specialized knowledge (nonprofits and government).

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