Combating Toxic Workplace Disagreement

Workplace disagreements may be inevitable, but they do not need to be toxic or disruptive. Join experienced attorney and mediator Kate Weaver Patterson as she explains how to navigate common workplace disagreements and conflicts in a healthy and productive manner. After attending, you will be able to identify touchpoints that might lead to conflict or disagreements (such as DEI, hierarchy, changes, or policy implementation). Attendees will also be able to distinguish healthy disagreement from toxic conflict and learn how to frame disagreement such that it remains productive as well as when to involve outside assistance.

This session is recommended for all attendees affiliated with grant-funded organizations.  The experience level is basic.  There are no prerequisites for attendance, and prior preparation is not required.  Attendees can earn up to 1.0 hour of CPE credit in the field of behavioral studies for completing this session.

Human Resources Management & Governance