Effective Internal Control for Grant-Funded Entities

One of the most critical components of an organization’s financial management system is its internal control. Under the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Grants Guidance, internal control is considered essential for minimizing fraud, waste, and abuse.  Noncompliance with federal regulations can often be traced to an inadequate system of internal controls.

This session will present an overview of an effective internal control structure. Participants will learn about the internal control framework and the components of internal control.  Participants will also learn about areas of internal control posing the greatest risk to grant-funded organizations and ways organizations can strengthen their controls. Following this session, attendees will be able to identify the elements for effective internal control.

This session is recommended for all attendees.  The program level is overview.  There are no educational requirements or prerequisites for attending. Advance preparation is not required.  Attendees can earn up to 1.0 hour of CPE in the field of accounting for completing this session.

Fiscal Grants Management