Fraud Prevention and Detection for Infrastructure Projects

Learn about fraud prevention and detection in infrastructure projects funded with Federal grants under the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Attendees will also learn about the role of the Inspector General community. The session will start with an introduction to the Council of Inspectors General for Integrity and Efficiency’s (CIGIE) Working Group for Infrastructure Oversight. This introductory segment will include a discussion of outreach efforts to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with other governmental entities.

Then, the main segment will discuss fraud in Federal Grants. Attendees will learn about key risk indicators for fraud. This segment will also include several case studies exploring grant fraud. The discussion will next turn to lessons learned and grant fraud prevention techniques. This session will conclude with an audience question-and-answer period. Following this session, attendees will be able to identify signs of potential grant fraud as well as strategies for preventing fraud.

The session is recommended for all conference attendees. No prerequisites for attendance exist, and no advanced preparation is required. The program level is basic. Attendees can earn up to 2.0 hours of CPE credit in the field of specialized knowledge (nonprofits and government) for completing this session.