Dr. Caroline Coker Coursey


Dr. Caroline Coker Coursey brings over two decades of invaluable experience at the intersection of law, technology, and innovation to the table. With a rich background as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, she seamlessly transitioned into pivotal roles within prestigious law firms, corporate entities, and an esteemed university research program.

Armed with a robust academic foundation in electrical engineering and computer science, Caroline has continually gravitated towards intricate technical realms throughout her illustrious career. Her expertise spans across a spectrum of intellectual property and corporate law, with a keen focus on navigating the complexities of emerging technologies.

Caroline’s professional repertoire boasts negotiations with industry titans and spearheading agreements with some of the globe’s leading technology conglomerates. Notably, she has been a guiding force in advising on cutting-edge domains such as artificial intelligence, while demonstrating her acute understanding of both legal intricacies and technological advancements.

Ph.D. (Education), Mercer University
Juris Doctor, Cumberland School of Law of Samford University
Master of Science (Electrical Engineering), Southern Methodist University
Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science), Southern Methodist University
Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), Southern Methodist University

Bar Admissions
U.S. Patent Bar

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