Sandi Guy

Sandi serves as CRI’s Human Capital Partner.  With 20+ years of experience in professional services, Sandi has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of human capital, talent management, organizational development, workforce planning, and strategic operational management.   She has a proven reputation for strong leadership, collaboration, and business acumen.  Most recently, Sandi was a contributor to the “The Oz Principle” series for her best practices in engagement and communication.  She has been recognized for her leadership in diversity by various organizations.  Sandi was identified as a “Woman Worth Watching” by Profiles in Diversity Journal, and she was named “Influential Woman of the Year” by the American Society of Women Accountants and “Woman Extraordinaire” by Charlotte Business Leader.

My Sessions

Best Practices in Coaching and Mentoring

Patrons IV

Having invested in recruiting the top talent, the best Managers invest in coaching to develop, motivate and retain great people. This session gives participants a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics between two individuals in a coaching/mentoring relationship, and how to manage those dynamics for a successful outcome. Participants will learn: • Things you […]

Human Resources

Recruiting Strategies in a Competitive Talent Market


Many HR professionals and hiring managers find themselves overwhelmed when attempting to recruit talent. Given the tools available and market trends, many struggle with identifying the best sources to leverage, assessing candidates and being able to close the “star”. During this session, participants will learn strategies to attract and hire individuals in a competitive market. […]

Human Resources